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The work that we pursue is related to the accords and agreements, whose promises we want to bring to fruition with the members of the ten organizations that we work with by:

· Diagnosing their needs

· Facilitating bi-monthly meetings to plan and coordinate activities

· Holding bi-annual evaluation meetings

· Meeting with a representative of the respective groups

· Being present during different processes

Methodology of Nuestra Voz

 In the case of internal work for the association, we assist in development of:

· Areas of work

· Weekly coordination meetings

· Observing and guiding work

· Studies of policies and methodologies

· Building internal and external development efforts and permanent capabilities

· Creation of annual plans at the beginning of each year

· Quarterly and annual evaluations

To succeed, we have proposed that we develop:

· Standard processes for groups and individuals inside and outside the community

· Ways to strengthen organizacional capabilities in the community

· A sensible and conscientious community

· Intercultural exchanges between communities and exchanges between peers in different areas

· Anti-violence campaigns concerning women

· Participation in local, departmental, regional, and national politics

· Political relationships

· An exercise for all of the leaders of the organizations with which we work collectively

· Our knowledge of and relationship with the state institutions that work on the behalf of women in the areas of human rights, community development, or areas of justice

· Automation

· Consulting

· Scholarships for women

· Proposals for productive projects

Our Methodology, Educational, and Political Instruments (“The Popular Education”)

The Popular Education
The Popular Education is a collective process that allows the exchange of ideas and experiences with the intention that suggestions of social transformation will come from the people who this transformation will affect, because these proposals will be more effective and will be received by the people that need it if it is coming from their own vision. It will establish new relationships of power, counteracting suggestions of domination, discrimination, exclusion, and exploitation from those that have power against those who do not.

One of the fundamental tasks of The Popular Education is to promote efforts of reaching out to those in power as a group to express the strength and abilities of the people.

The Popular Education works with common people in order to create an awareness of the struggle against injustice that most people live with, and hopefully through these efforts, we will create the capacity to transform this situation.

Through the use of The Popular Education, the collective knowledge of the group can be deepened. This can allow them to find the causes of the problems, which will in turn allow them to propose solutions that will work.

The Popular Education is so flexible that you could say that the methodology is not even complete. But the people and their history are constantly changing, and since The Popular Education is based completely on personal experience, it can be enriched by new experiences.