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Nuestra Voz was formed in Mexico in 1984 by a group of Guatemalan refugee women sharing a vision which supported social reform in Guatemala. Some of these women immigrated to Canada where they continued their activities from Toronto in 1989 and in Vancouver in 1991.

After spending many years in exile and reflecting on the future of the group, they finally began activities in Guatemala in 1993. With a vision of working with and supporting various women’s groups, they continued to increase their activities and build their capabilities.

In March, 2001, after 10 years of work in Guatemala, and 19 years total, they officially became recognized as Asociación de Mujeres Nuestra Voz, and the organization’s bases in Mexico and Canada were dissolved.




An association well organized, solidly united, with material, economic, and human resources that allow stability and the ability to work together in the city and in villages, focused on strengthening the organization, conscience, and political participation of the women that we work with, based on the values in which we believe.